Within the framework of its continuous endeavor to develop its logistics system in the Kingdom through several strategic alliances and contracts.

In an unprecedented event, Al-Safi Danone Ltd has signed a contract for transporting raw materials with Saudi Railways “SAR” from Dammam to Al-Kharj.

A new aspect of integration between sectors that contributes to strengthening national industries and ensuring the sustainability of food chain supplies. Contributing directly to raising traffic safety rates on the road, participating in preserving road infrastructure, and reducing carbon emissions.

Under the auspices of His Royal Highness Prince Fahad bin Muhammad bin Saad bin Abdulaziz, the Governor of Al-Kharj region, and within the framework of developing the logistical system in the Kingdom, AlSafi Danone Ltd., the leading company in the dairy and food products industry, and the Saudi Railways “SAR”, have signed an unprecedented strategic logistical transport contract to transport raw materials that the company relies on in its various manufacturing, via the railway network, from King Abdulaziz Port in Dammam in a manner Directly to Al-Kharj Governorate.

This contract directly contributes to emphasizing the concept of sustainability in business in line with the Kingdom’s vision to achieve food security, in addition to expectations that thousands of trucks will be removed from the roads annually, which helps maintain road infrastructure and the safety of its visitors, as well as on reducing carbon emissions from shipments during transportation.