Our products combine the yummy flavour kids love with the healthy goodness mums need. Because all our products are made from 100% natural milk, they are a main source of calcium and vitamins which are essential to your kids’ healthy growth.

Loved By Kids, Trusted By Mums

Safio aims to solve the common dilemma between mums and kids by offering a range of products and snacks that are healthy yet delicious.

With Safio, mums can rest assured as they are giving a healthy and nutritious product to their little ones, while kids love it because its tasty and playful.


Caring For Kids Healthy Growth 

Safio has been a part of everyday family life for multiple generations in Saudi Arabia. But as science keeps evolving, we must too. That’s why, with the help of world-renowned experts, we are improving our recipes to ensure your kids’ nutritional needs are met.The new and improved Safio range has all the goodness of fresh milk, with calcium, vitamins and proteins, which are essential to your kids’ growth and healthy development.






Long -Life Milk

Immunity booster

With the same delicious flavour loved by generations, Safio Long -life Milk is now fortified with extra vitamins and calcium. We ’re on a mission to support your kids’ immune system so they don ’t miss out on any fun and enjoy their childhood to the fullest!


Immunity booster

Safio Spoonable doesn’t only contain all the goodness of dairy, it has also been adapted for kids’ taste and fortified with vitamins and calcium in order to protect and boost their immunity.


Vitality booster

At home, at school, or at the playground, your kids can have a nutritious and delicious snack with our new Drinkable range. Its delicious flavours and nutritious recipe fortified with vitamins and zinc will provide them with all the energy they need to make the most of their day!