A healthy gut helps you sail through life with a smile on your face. Make that a big, big, smile. How do we know this? Well, as probiotic pioneers, we know a thing or two about gut health. We have been researching and perfecting our products for over 20 years. The result - a delicious range of yoghurts that’s packed with billions of probiotics. And when there are probiotics involved, rest assured your gut health is in good hands.
So, whether you choose full fat or low fat yoghurt, fruity yoghurts with real fruit pieces, or on-the-go yoghurt drinks, you’ll always find an Activia that suits your need, and taste.

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Activia Laban

The only laban drink that is packed with billions of probiotics to support your digestive well-being. Deliciously fresh, Activia Laban is available in full-fat and low-fat options and also different sizes: 180ml, 375ml, 850ml and 1.75L.


The Set Yoghurt is the perfect choice for those looking to support their digestive well-being. Packed with billions of live and active probiotics, it comes in different sizes with both full fat and low fat options. Enjoy it as a delicious and refreshing anytime snack.

Activia Stirred Yoghurt With Fruits

Start your day on a deliciously healthy note with Activia Yoghurt with fruits, or enjoy it as a refreshing snack anytime during the day. This creamy yoghurt is infused with the fresh taste of natural fruits and packed with billions of probiotics in every cup. Enjoy the rich flavour as you fuel your body with the digestive support it needs.


Activa GO is the perfect combination of fresh fruits pieces and billions of probiotics. Creamy fruit smoothies that are a delicious on the go option to improve your digestive well-being.


Only Activia Greek is packed with billions of probiotics and enriched with fibres. In short, it’s best for your digestive comfort. Available in two variations – Peach & Cereal and Cereal & Oats.